Vernacular Architecture

Peneda Geres

Because architecture must fits within its specific environnement, it is important to reconsider traditional building methods utilising local materials. Whether it is during the renovation of an old house, or the conception of a brand new structure, we must focus on its site, what it dictates, what it offers, as oppose to bending it to what we want. Nature is our template, not a constraint.

Interior Design

Interior design
Residential project – Dubai

Whether in residential or hospitality projects, the first part of my professional life as been solely focused on luxury.

However, it is time for the luxury industry to confront its carbon footprint and reconsider what it aspires to be. With biophilic design I reconnect our living environnements with nature, offer more peaceful, less ostentatious solutions to life. Because beauty doesn’t need the unnecessary.

Landscape Architecture

Because a landscape is a living environnement

Keeping in line with my environnemental approach to design, I see landscape as native ecosystems. A beautiful wilderness, where flora and fauna can thrive.

Studying the history of the site, its native biodiversity, its soil, to regenerate life. A practise that takes time and patience, as we watch nature reconquer its space.