Never settle for less than your dreams

But don’t be misled, making a dream come true is never easy. Discovering something unique and out of the ordinary takes a lot of time and effort. More than most can spare.

Finding the right place for you

That is why, thanks to our experience in real estate, architecture and interiors, and a large network of talented brokers in key cities around the world, we can help you find the best properties available.

What we do.

– Locate the properties matching your criteria.
– Organize the visits.
– Negotiate on your behalf.
– Assist in all legal and fiscal technicalities.
– Provide interior design services, once you own the property.

If the property is located abroad, on top of what is listed above, we also provide the following.

– Market analysis.
– Organize international visits to help you get a full sense of the location.
– Handle all moving and shipping if required.

Need a luxury car ? no problem! The best school for your children ? done! A VIP membership at the golf course ? let’s play ! Access to an invite only private club in town ? join us !… Just tell us what you need and we will oblige !

Because we pride ourselves in doing for you what we would do for ourselves.