The city were all is possible

Considering moving to Dubai, or just want to buy a property to add to your luxury investment portfolio ?
Just tell us what you need and we’ll find it for you.

The discovery phase

Before making the move to Dubai, we feel it is important to experiment the city beyond the few vacation hotspots.

– On the economical side, we’ll explain to you what drives the local markets.
– How to open a business and its advantages ?
– How to get residency status ?
– How to open the right bank account ?
– etc…

When it comes to your daily life, we’ll go over the various Dubai neighborhoods and see which one fits your needs and personalities best.

– How are the local schools rated ?
– Shopping ?
– The night life and culture.
– How is the golf course ?
– The local gyms ?
– etc…

Just here to invest ?

– let’s go over the latest trends in real estate, and see where it makes sense to buy today.

No matter what your plan is, we organize an extensive visit of Dubai, where you can fully appreciate what this city has to offer.

Buying a property

Once you are ready to buy we go as follow:

– Locate the properties matching your criteria.
– Organize the visits.
– Negotiate on your behalf.
– Assist in all legal and fiscal technicalities.

We go the extra mile…

Offering the best quality of service is what motivated us to start our Atelier. We don’t just find you homes, we help you settle in seamlessly.

When moving to Dubai, buying a new home is only the beginning. Our conciergerie services are here to push the concept of “turn key” far beyond normal expectations.

Interior Design & Styling

To make sure your new home is exactly to your taste, our design atelier will assist you in bringing the best out of the property.


Unless your plan is to start over, and all you are bringing is your Louis Vuitton trunk, you’ll want to ship some belongings to the city. We will be happy to organize that for you.

A proper ride

Dubai is known for its car culture, where the streets are filled with some of the most exquisite rides.
Thanks to our connections with some of the best dealerships and garages in town, we can help you pick the right super car or the most thought after classic.
The choice is yours.

Staying fit

Gyms in Dubai are some of the best in the world, making working out a social must.
With so many options to choose from, it can quickly be overwhelming.
No worries we know the best trainers in town and can guide you through the Dubai fitness world.


There are many courses in Dubai. Membership at some of the best greens are on invite basis only.
Our connections will open you the doors of the desired clubhouses.

Social life

The night is where the VIPs mingle. We provide access to the most thought after spots in town. Join us !


More family oriented ?
We will help you survey the best schools for your children to make sure they don’t suffer from starting over in a new environment.

Whatever your need, you can count on us to make it happen.