Paul Robida

Designer – Photographer – Traveler


Hotel des Bergues
Presidential Suite – Hotel des Bergues – Geneva

After 25 years working on high end residential and hospitality design projects around the world, I have refocused my work to reconnect our living environnements with nature.

Vernacular architecture, biophilic design and ecological landscapes are now at the center of my work.


Stills & Motions

Purity showroom
Purity showroom – Downtown Dubai

What started as a way to document my work, is now a central part of my professional life. Specialising in architecture, lifestyle and travel, my images can be found in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar or Wallpaper.


Desert view
Sharjah’s desert – UAE

Because we all need an escape at some point, I have created a webzine dedicated to adventure travel.

Travel guides, roadbooks, tutorials and everything you need to explore where others don’t…