Tv Cabinets, the new must !

Tv Cabinets, the new must !

Since we can’t escape the screens, might as well use them to our advantage !


For as far as I can remember the key to a successful flip was all about Kitchen and baths!
But interior design is like fashion, where trends only last so long. Do you remember the seventies and the coming of age of plastic, futuristic molded shapes and bright colors? The eighties and the glass block walls, faux finish paints and neon lighting? The industrial New York loft vibes of the nineties..? Etc…
Nowadays, you can walk in any kitchen or bathroom and fairly accurately guess its construction date. The color of the tiles, the type of lighting specified, if you can date it, it’s probably dated !
So, the easy way to go, the one we, at the Atelier, never take, is to just change those to fit with the time. But is that really enough ?

The answer is obviously no !

I won’t go over all there is to consider in order to achieve proper results when flipping, for that go read my previous article on the right wat to flip. But it is important to highlight the fact, that kitchen and baths, while still essential, no longer cover all bases.
You see, more than just style evolution, we must account for lifestyles shifts and reorganize spaces accordingly. For example, as we no longer satisfy ourselves with what we called until recently “our wardrobe”, walk-in closet became a must.

What about technological shifts?
Here comes the new norm, the TV Cabinet! (Or should we call it screen cabinet? infotainment cabinet? As the TV we knew is long dead and replaced by connected technology? )

Back in my day, the fireplace was the center of the house. It was called the “Foyer”. It was where the entire family would gather to socialize (and stay warm). Frank Lloyd Wright, probably the greatest American architect to this day, would start the design of his houses from that particular space and build around it.
Beginning in the seventies, the fireplace was slowly being replaced by the television set (and proper heating). As a result, we not only lost the art of conversation, but also welcomed a rather ugly appliance in the middle of our living rooms.

All those years since, I have fought very hard to either get rid of it, or find a way to cleverly hide it from view. After all, putting a television in a bedroom is the best way to kill your love life!

But, as internet made those screens indispensable, as they became bigger and bigger, and as they are now a must in every room, there was no other choice but to make them part of our design language. Where combining aesthetic, practicality and technological requirements, they are replacing the formal library, becoming a proper focal point. One that must be treated with particular attention to blend harmoniously with the rest of your décor, one requiring proper designing !

This makes them a must when flipping a property. One that will take it to the next level and separate from the competition.

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